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10 Reasons you should find an offshore IT company from Gurugram

10 Reasons you should find an offshore IT company from Gurugram

India is a land of many colors and within this spiritual nation, the NCR region has become the most vibrant and happening location. From all over the country people have been coming here to build a stronger future. In just 20 years this farmland has taken the shape of India’s outsourcing hub.

As a developing country, India has seen the development of various sectors of the economy and Information Technology has emerged as the top runner among all of them. The dependence of all the other sectors on Technology has encouraged every State to take cognizance of its applications. Among them, the city Gurugram (Gurgaon) is ahead of all the other IT hubs in India.


The human capital of this city has worked on some of the most difficult projects like designing the components for NASA, which shows the potential of the people working here.


The infrastructural aspects of the city like transportation and IT connectivity have enabled the multinationals to have robust growth. The vast farmland converted into IT parks and the local metro connectivity has made commutation easy and affordable.

Presence of major corporations

Mammoth organizations like Microsoft, IBM have set up shop in the city, if nothing else this ensures that the city has some great talent and there is no shortage of investment. Moreover, the city has over 250 fortune 500 companies working there.


One can easily find affordable accommodation in the city. It has been revered as a great place to reside and work in. Around every major IT Park or area in the city, there are residential areas which are specifically planned so that people working in these IT parks can find a cosy place near to their office.

Development of Smart city

The government of the State has announced to build a smart city in Gurgaon which will cater to all the needs of setting up an IT company. Along with these plans have been developed to further the railway connectivity in the city with other areas.

Tech-Savvy citizens

A city which is the mirror image of an IT hub, Gurugram’s population is familiar with the latest technology and has that enthusiasm to adopt the modern ways of living.

Educational Institutions

Being in the proximity of some of the most renowned institutions of the country, Gurugram has no shortage of young and vibrant candidates who are willing to work hard and make a name for themselves.

The Start-up hub

A number of Indian successful startups like Zomato give the credit of their success to this city. The government and the private developers consider it as a bounder duty to provide the latest and the most convenient infrastructure to the organizations so that they can develop.


Work is not everything in life; therefore the companies setting up here can also enjoy a number of entertainment venues which offer a relief from the day’s work and helps the employees freshen up their mind and body for the next day’s work.

Ever-growing and ever expanding

It is not over for this city yet, the infrastructure is expanding, the connectivity is developing, new roads are being built every day, new IT parks are on the line of development and thousands of youngsters come to the city to achieve success.

Therefore, the ever-growing millennium city is on the verge of becoming the best IT hub in Asia and the government steps towards the development of IT infrastructure ensures this feat.

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