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10 Reasons you should find your offshore IT company in Kolkata

10 Reasons you should find your offshore IT company in Kolkata

Even a few decades ago, software outsourcing was seen as a way in reducing operational costs in Kolkata. But now the city has managed in gaining from the IT and software boom. There are various IT giants that have set up their offices in Kolkata such as Tata Consultancy Services, Tech Mahindra, Cognizant, Wipro and many more companies. Between Rajarhat to New Town, there are various tech parks that offer outsourcing services to their clients. So here in this article, we have shortlisted 10 reasons that you should find your offshore IT company Kolkata.

Governance and Professional
The city has particularly developed in the field of road and infrastructure that has already enrolled in various social security programs in ensuring benefits. Due to the development in this field, it has attracted many professionals to settle here.

Pool of Talent
The city also is a centre of some best engineering colleges that provides all the brands setting up their offices in Kolkata access to some of the freshly talented engineers. Many fresh brains in the country get the chance to work with various brands.

Industry-ready Infrastructure
The city has 15000 km of optical fiber network as well as teledensity of more than 92%, the city’s growth in the telecom is on high. The government has invested a lot in the physical infrastructure in the year 2016-17 that attracted many multi-national companies.

Road and Air Transport
The state’s 3.15 lakh km road network is the third largest in India. Further, the government invested USD 250 million for the development in the field of roadways. The development in roadways helps a lot in communication purposes. Moreover, there are two international airports in the city that are located in Kolkata and Bagdogra which makes for excellent air connectivity. Many clients are able to approach here easily for work purposes.

West Bengal also has 4000 km or railway tracks. The city also has metro rail service which makes it the second largest metro rail network in the country. The government is also planning to expand its network. This helps many workers communication purposes from home to office.

Industrial Parks
Kolkata also has more than 200 industrials parks that are planned in West Bengal and is spread across 20000 acres. This includes dedicated IT hubs. The main part of this is that many IT freshers get chances to work with top IT companies in India.

Urban Infrastructure
The city is planned with six townships with themes that include health and education, sports, IT, software, senior living, culture and analytics. Along with IT, the individuals will be able to engage with various other sectors.

Electricity Supply
West Bengal has ranked highest in terms of power supply. Among 100% of the areas are electrified and all thanks to the 13,825 MW generating station as well as 12,723 km transmission capacity. Because of its 100% availability of electricity supply, the work of the companies remains in high.

IT Infrastructure
The government of West Bengal has offered more than five million square feet in plugging as well as playing IT Parks, There are already 11 major IT parks in India that is offering outsourcing services. Now, the recent report says that seven more IT parks will be unveiled over the next few years which include Microsoft’s Centre of Excellence as well as e-governance clusters.

Even the homes are internet dependent
The city is highly developed in terms of internet connectivity. The Internet is very important in day to day lives. Especially the outsourcing services are totally dependent on the internet. Because of their fast delivery of the services, many clients prefer to hire outsourcing company from Kolkata.

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