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Best 15 B2B directories on internet

Best 15 B2B directories on internet

The inclination concerning a Business toward the Business portal is not dissimilar. Also, the development of technology has certainly transformed the direction they work in. Supplementary digital trading characteristics including branding has become the site of popular outreach approaches.

This is to reach out with targeted customers or retailers. Here remain some concerning the largest and fastest developing global B2B online directory platforms. These are those which are accommodating thousands of companies in the world. This is to grow plus reach their foreign and local customers. Read on to know more.


Alibaba Group remains a Chinese individual consortium based within Hangzhou. It is committed to e-commerce upon the Internet. It includes retail, business-to-business, including customer sales gateways.

Alibaba additionally contributes to online payment assistance, a price corresponding search engine, including cloud data storage assistance. During 2012, two Alibaba gateways together marketed 1.1 trillion yuan (170 000 million dollars) businesses. That is higher than its opponents both eBay including Amazon.com connected.

Global Sources

Global sources comprise one concerning the leading B2B software company directories which were registered on NASDAQ below the title GSOL. The B2B program is renowned for its various suppliers from diverse enterprises. Several Chinese companies like to spend a meaningful sum of business to grow into a confirmed supplier upon this portal.

EC Plaza

Another Korean e-commerce site within Korea, EC Plaza originated in four dialects: Chinese, English, Japanese plus Korean. This is one concerning the quickest developing B2B Website within South Korea.


DHgate remains a B2B platform which allows merchants from the business to purchase small quantities concerning Chinese goods through a wholesale cost. Here you can discover clothing, electronic gadgets, sports accessories, decorative items, etc. DHGate businesses are higher than 30 Million results within 227 countries globally. It has higher than 5 million consumers worldwide plus is currently between the 2100 most attended webpages on the web.


In case, you are operating a particular business, it is essential to showcase your skills and products to the customers. Youtube is an essential source for that. You can use it for relevant purposes.


This is another business directory that can help you with your business. With Yelp, you can carry out certain business functions which will help you socialize customer requirements efficiently and swiftly.


It is the ideal place concerning any kind of business. It is an ideal place for the young generation who wish to look out for pictures, location, and related stuff. Being a business directory, you can use it for various purposes suitable according to your needs.

Wrapping Up

These are one of the best B2B platforms that you need to know about. These are really famous, and they have been helping people for a long time in business development. So, if you are looking for the best B2B directories on the web, check out the list that we have mentioned above. Make sure to go through all of them, and understand the features of each of them. Also, make sure that you know where each application can be used.

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