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How to use the admin panel? Use this section to get detailed instructions.

How to add an item?

  • Click on Submit Listing on the top menu
  • Register/Login using the form
  • Click on My Items to go to Admin Panel and follow the instructions.

Password Reset

If you ever need to reset your password, follow these instructions.

  • Go to Submit Listing on the top menu
  • You will be redirected to the login/register page













  • Click on Login Tab
  • There you see lost password button.
  • Follow the instructions from there. Please enter your email id, and your password will be sent to your email immediately. If you do not see an email in your inbox
    • Don’t forget to check your SPAM folder.
    • Make sure you have entered the right email.
    • Contact us if you still have not received your password.

What happens after registering and paying?

Your account is not automatically created because it may take time to sync the payments. Once the payment is in sync with the system, your account is created. Only after this, are you allowed to create your listing. After approval of your account, you will notice a new icon for adding your listing.






We will notify you via email once your account is approved.

How to renew/upgrade my account?

  • Go to Submit Listing
  • Log in to your account
  • Click on my account button
  • Go to your profile
  • Scroll down to see your plan & follow the instructions from there.

Item Locking

Admin puts an exclusive lock on the items while editing it or approving them. If you are seeing a lock sign or a message like “admin is currently editing”, don’t edit the items.

Maximum items for the current package exceeded – Message

By default, you are allowed to create only one item entry.

After adding an item – Submit for Review

Once you have finished entering your information about your company – click send for Admin approval.

Notice the button on your right-hand side called – submit for review. Once you submit an item for review, Admin is notified via email. Admin will then start reviewing your entry and proceed to collect information about your company. A listing item approval can take 3-10 days or even longer on rare occasions.









You will be notified via email once your listing is approved.

Delete an account

You do not have an option to delete your account. If you want to delete your account – please contact us. Admin will not be able to migrate data or refund payments in such cases.

How much time does it take to enter company information?

It may take  25-45 Mins to complete your entry. Remember, you need to showcase your company’s portfolio. Before you start, you must have

  • A good description
  • A catchy subject line
  • Few High-quality graphics
  • Your contact details
  • Your social media page(s) URL.
  • Your Company Logo


Add Item Page Option Explained

  • Title: Must be your company’s name
  • Description: Free text area to showcase your company’s profile
  • YOAST SEO: Use this for defining your SEO title, keywords etc
  • Excerpts/Discussion: Optional items. You should leave them default.
  • Item Image: Your company’s logo.
  • Subtitle: One catchy short description. Maybe tagline of your company.
  • Item Header: Choose from the map or an image which defines your company.
  • Address: Enter your complete address on the map to find the exact location.
  • Telephone: Free text area. Its always good to leave 1-2 numbers with international dialing codes.
  • Email: Your company’s email. Preferably, try to put something like sales@yourdomain.com or saleteam@yourdomain.com or lead@yourcomain.com or info@yourdomain.com. Avoid individual’s email address if you can. Also, avoid free emails like Gmail or Yahoo etc.
  • Website/Web: URL and the text that you want to display.
  • Opening Hours: Turn it on, off is you want. This is a free text area so use if carefully.
  • Social Media: Add icons and links to your social media accounts.
  • Gallery: Turn on/off and add as many as pictures you like. Be careful, having too many pictures on the page can make it load slower.
  • Features: One-liner, pick up the icons and free to use text area.
  • Advanced filters: We provide lots of pre-built filters. You can pick up and choose what is defining your company best.
  • Location: Select the best/nearby location, avoid choosing more than 1.
  • Categories: Pick any 10 – during approval phase, the admin will change it to 10 in any case. Why give him a chance to put you in a wrong category.