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IT HUBS in South America

IT HUBS in South America

The United States is a land of enchantment, no doubt about that. But South America is very well known for its culture and its people. Countries like Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Columbia, etc. come under South American sovereignty. But what we are not aware of, are the tech companies and IT hubs which are present here. We are discussing these very countries which broke boundaries and provided employment for many citizens living there and have set up IT Companies for a better tomorrow.


An unusual contender but yes, Santiago is dubbed as the “Chilecon Valley”. Many software development companies have taken refuge here and they are doing big business over here. Even the local Government, universities and corporate barons are striving to make this city an entrepreneurial hub. The Government has also initiated the “The Start-up Chile” program which empowers young college graduates with a seed funding of about a $35,000 and a year’s visa as well. Since its inception, there has been a spurt of 1100 startups making it a sort of revolution in the country. This initiative has helped the young graduates focus on technology, improve their work ethics and also make them thorough professionals in this field. Companies like Oracle Corporation, IBM and Deloitte have laid their foundations here for growth.


If we have watched too much TV, then we might have heard about Medellin with reference to drug cartels, but that is a false scenario. Medellin has become the hotspot for startups and the Government has taken it one step further to ensure that it accelerates development. A commercial centre named “Ruta N” is funded by the Government so that the startups won’t face problems while searching for office spaces. Plus Ruta N has a team of professionals which advise them in recruitment, finance, public relations, technology and so on. Owing to these efforts, there are multiple web designing companies, mobile app development companies, and so many others to boast of. Even the climate is favourable and the quality of life is splendid at best. Companies like Globant, PersonalSoft have their roots over here.


Buenos Aires is another hub for an increasing amount of startups for Argentina. Many SEO companies and Digital Marketing Companies have found solace here owing to the excellent standard of living, great quality of life and low business costs as well. Even the Argentine populace has an entrepreneurial spirit which is very rare and even though the country faces issues, the people bounce back and work hard to make their visions a reality. The technical talent is considerably great in this city and you can expect a paradigm shift in the years to come. Companies like SAP SE, IBM, Ernst and Young have their branches here.


Manaus is touted as one of the largest cities in the Amazon. They were world leaders in rubber manufacturing in the 19th century, but now they are shifting towards the technology domain and are focusing on making a dent. The city offers Free Economic Zones for big companies around the world, plus companies like Xbox 360 have their manufacturing companies over here. There are multiple e-commerce based startups as of now which include Peixe Urbano which provides daily deals. Traffic monitoring based company called Transito and Omnibus Manaus are included in the 500 other startups in Brazil.


One of the most ravishing tech hubs in existence. It is also called as the San Pedro Valley since it is home to many interesting startup firms. Google has set up its Research and Development Division over here, other startups such as Deskmetrics, Everwrite, Hotmart, Rockbee and also Samba Tech which is the leading online video streaming based company. Plus the city also has its own technological park called BHTec which houses multiple startup firms.

These are some of the IT companies listed in our Software company directory which are at a topmost place in South America. One can definitely take advantage of their expertise and experience.

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