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Top 10 IT Companies from Austria

Top 10 IT Companies from Austria

Globalization, the interconnectedness of the globe is made possible with only one thing and that is Information Technology. The spread of technology in every nook and corner of the world has enabled us to see what is happening in the streets of Canada while sitting in South Africa. Information Technology has touched our lives to such an extent that today we cannot imagine this world without any of the comforts provided due to the advancement of technology. Today ICT has become that driving force of every economy that without no matter how hard you work, the results will not be satisfied until and unless you opt the more efficient and productive methods of development. All the European nations are well developed and have the capability to exploit the advanced technological mechanisms and use them to their benefit and for the growth of the nation. One such nation is Austria located in central Europe.

The technological strength of this small nation can be understood by the fact that Austria is the net exporter of technological solutions and products to Germany, Switzerland, and Russia. According to estimates, the annual growth of Austria in 2018 is pegged at 3.2% and 40% share of this growth will come from the technology sector which has blanketed every little and big function of the entire industry in Austria. The revenue generated by the ICT industry of Austria is around 20 billion Euros. The ICT industry niche of this Alpine nation is developing solutions for e-Governance and e-Health and they have global recognition in this matter. There are various firms in Austria dealing in technology; here are the top 10 of them:

1. Kapsch

Established in 1892, it is one of the oldest organizations to step into the technology world from an engineering workshop. They were involved in manufacturing equipment for the rifles and carbines used in the war. The specialty of this firm is developing solutions for the transportation industry, the manufacturing industry, traffic control, and enterprises. With a 3% growth rate from the previous the 2017 revenue of the organization stands at 1.4 billion Euros and has more than 6000 employees. The contact information is as follows: Address- Kapsch Aktiengesellschaft Am Europlatz 2 1120 Vienna, Austria. Tel- +43 50 811 0 and you can also send an email at info@kapsch.net. You can also check their website https://www.kapsch.net/ to know more about them.

2. Frequentis

This 1947 organization has worldwide operations in providing solutions for areas like air transport and traffic control and management and public safety and transport. Frequentis is also venturing in the defense sector developing secure communication channels for the military and providing network support to all the different arms of the military. The 2017 revenue of the organization is calculated to be 274 million Euros and the employee is more than 1600 as of 2016. The headquarters of Frequentis is located at Innovationsstrabe 1, 1100 Vienna, Austria. You can also contact them at +43 1 81150 0 or visit their website https://www.frequentis.com/ to learn more about them.

3. Fabasoft

Dealing in software development this organization was established in 1988 by Helmut Fallman and Leopold Bauernfeind. Fabasoft develops software for various sectors and fields like digital asset management, contact management, process management, and other similar aspects. Their niche is helping the public sector, pharmacy sector and manufacturing sector with their products and solutions. Last fiscal year, Fabasoft generated revenue of 31 million Euros and the employee count recorded was more than 200. Their Headquarters are located at Honauerstrasse 4 4020 Linz, Austria. To contact them just dial +43 732 606162-0 or send an email at office@fabasoft.com. The web address of Fabasoft for further information is https://www.fabasoft.com.

4. Altova

The origin of Altova in 1992 led it to develop the XML software which is today used by 10000 companies and 4 million users in the entire world. They have developed a number of software solutions for mobile and server technology. With more than 30 employees working for them Altova has generated cumulative revenue worth 20 million Euros in the year 2017. The company headquarters can be reached at + 43 (1) 545 5155 or you can also go the address Rudolfsplatz 13A/9 A1010 Wien Austria. You can check their website https://www.altova.com/ to learn more about this organization.

5. Ams AG

Previously called Austria microsystems AG, was established in 1981 as a joint venture. They develop sensors solutions for various applications and products. They also develop software for consumer communications, industrial markets, and automotive markets. The 2018 employee count of Ams AG is 11000 and the last fiscal revenue of this organization is pegged at 1.1 billion Euros. In Austria, you can find this organization at the following address Ams AG Tobelader Strasse 30 8141 Premstaetten, Austria. You can also say Sarvus at +43 3136 5000. Make sure to visit https://ams.com/ if you want to learn more about them.

6. AT&S

Expanded as Austria Technologie and Systemtechnik designs. This organization was set up in 1987 for manufacturing circuit boards. But with the advancement of time and various innovations they have brought technology into the functioning of circuit boards and today they use this advancement in circuit boards to provide state of the art solutions for automotive and aviation industry, industrial applications, and the medical industry. The 2017 revenue of the organization is 199.6 million Euros and their employee strength is around 9800 as of the same financial year. The headquarters of this Austrian giant is located at Fabriksgasse 13 8700 Leoben Austria. You can contact them at +43 3842 2000 or visit https://ats.net/ to know more about this circuit board manufacturer.

7. B&R Industrial Automation GmBH

A major contributor to the automation technology and solutions in Austria, the B&R group has its R&D headquarters in Austria. Their specialty lies in developing solutions for controlling the factory and machine systems. Operating in 68 countries of the world, this organization’s revenue was around 620 million Euros and the employee count was more than 3000 in the year 2016. The automation expert of Austria resides at B&R Strasse 1 5142 Eggelsberg, Austria. you can also call them at +43 7748 6586, and don’t worry some robot won’t pick up the call
(although it would be exciting to talk to one) or you can visit their website https://www.br-automation.com to find out more.


With the intensity of traffic on roads and in the air, we need some robust solution to manage all the traffic. Well, this is what is provided by SKIDATA, they are the pioneers in developing solutions for effective traffic and parking management on the roads and for airports. Since 1977 they are developing solutions for managing the parking tickets for arenas, road parking, and major tourist destinations. The 2017 revenue of SKIDATA is 320 million Euros with the employee headcount reaching approximate 5500. You need to pass Untersbergstrasse 40 5083 Grodig Salzburg, Austria to reach their headquarters. Call them at +43 6246 8880 or visit https://www.skidata.com/ to learn more about them.

9. Siemens AG

A 170-year-old organization, Siemens AG was established originally in Prussia by Werner Von Siemens. It is a conglomerate dealing in various fields like power generation technology, automation, medical technology, transportation and other major sectors of the economy. This mammoth organization generated 83.04 billion Euros in revenue the last fiscal with the employee count of 372000 as of 2017. Siemens AG is one of the largest organizations in Austria. For contacting them you need to follow this address Siemensstrabe 90, 1210 Vienna or call them on +43 (0) 51707 0. You can also send an email to kontakt.at@siemens.com.

10. Salzburger Banken Software

Since its inception in 1988, the SBS has been developing software solutions for banks and other corporate houses. The niche of the solutions developed by them is in handling customers, handling the cash register and consultation software for credit and the banking functions. This ISO 9001:2015 certified company generated 53.8 million Euros in revenue in the last fiscal. The company headquarters is located at Weiser Hofstrabe 18 5020 Salzburg, Austria. You can call on +43 662 871033-0 or send an email at info@sbs.co.at regarding any query. Or just visit https://www.salzburgerbankensoftware.com to enter the world of Salzburger Banken Software.

In Toto, we can deduce that of all the European nations Austria is one such country which has the most diverse kind of organizations prospering in this land of mountains. These companies have benefitted immensely from the Austrian development environment and moreover, from the ICT of the Future program initiated by the government to help these organizations race away on the road to progress. Together the companies contribute 8.6% of the total value creation in the country along with earning 36.6 billion Euros annually. In R&D too Austria has been ranked at number 3 in whole Europe owing this recognition to the constant zeal of these and much other similar organization to innovate and help the world with latest and more advanced solutions.

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