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Top 10 IT Companies from : Colorado

Top 10 IT Companies from : Colorado

The State of Colorado has a special place in the United States history; it was the 100th State to be included in the union after the historic declaration of independence was signed, that’ why it is also called the Centennial State.
The IT industry in Colorado has seen robust growth and it is replete with IT startups and innovative technologies that are grooming the State to become the next Silicon Valley. The fact that in Colorado every 72 hours one IT company sees new dawn testifies Colorado’s upcoming IT industry’s growth.
Out of the numerous IT companies the top 10 in the State are:


A mammoth organization based in Colorado, Zayo group excels in providing infrastructural services and fibre network to a number of organizations. The year 2017 proved beneficial for the company as they generated $2.2 billion with around 3800 employees. The company headquarters are located in Boulder Colorado.


The email service of this organization brought a disruption in the industry. All the major organizations of the world are today using their service. The corporate headquarters of the company is located in Denver, Colorado. With more than 74000 customers, they have swept the market with efficient and fast service. With a year on year growth of 30% the 2018 revenue of the company till June is $128 million.


Headquartered in Denver, Colorado the company has changed the communications scenario and focuses on the Human to Human relations rather than B2B company or B2C connections. They enable this by providing innovative cloud-based solutions. Since its inception, the company has raised more than $50 million in capital funding and the employee count has increased to more than 400.


They have realized the potential of content automation and are working round the clock to customize the content for various organizations. From finance to manufacturing they cater to all types of organizations helping them target the real audience with the help of their products. This 1981 founded organization is homed in Denver Colorado.

Tempus Nova

It is a major consultation firm located in Denver, Colorado. Their niche lies in developing Google enterprise solutions and helping the organization in managing its cloud computing systems and services. in the year 2017 the accumulated revenue if the organization reached $6.1 million.


They have interpolated the threat web world poses to the people and organizations, hence are working to develop threat intelligence software and protecting them. A major organization providing internet security Webroot is located in Broomfield, Colorado. It has been four years now that the company has posted a double-digit year on year growth in revenue.

Recondo Technology

The company leverages artificial intelligence for the customers to help them use this advanced technology. At present their major clientele is in the health sector. With more than 140 employees and revenue generation reaching up to $33 million, they are venturing into a number of new platforms for their clients.


The company caters to the financial sector and helps them manage their customers. This is done with the accounting software developed by the company which gives a 360 view of every customer of the banks or other financial institutions. The headquarters of the company can be reached at Pueblo, Colorado.


Established in 1984 and growing with more than 190 employees this organization caters to categorizing the web content for the companies. Other areas of their expertise are security software, internet security etc. The headquarters of the company is located in Greenwood Village, Colorado

Catalyst Repository Systems

Since 2000 the company has majored in providing software which helps the legal organizations in legal discovery. With worldwide operations, they are based in Denver Colorado. The number of employees working for the company has reached 170.

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