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Top 5 budding IT companies in India

Top 5 budding IT companies in India

India is one of the biggest emerging IT providers in the world. Not only is India an IT hub, but it has also slowly started becoming a country which provides a big market for the IT industry to develop. IT hubs Global, an IT company directory names some of the emerging IT companies in India-

• IPIX Technologies

This company has been around for quite long in the Indian IT market and has an experience of over 10 years in the Indian IT sector. This software development company in Delhi specializes in a multitude of services, which include services such as digital marketing, enterprise risk management and software development among others. They have completed over 3000 projects quite successfully and have been duly awarded for their top-notch services. Their services, especially their software development services can provide you with the perfect solution to all your business problems.

• Instrek

One can say that this company is a global start-up. Their aim is to help in easing the usage of technology by the people. In other words, they are technology enablers, who provide world-class IT services. This web application development company provides a multitude of services to its clients. They include services like consultation, digital marketing, eCommerce web development, hardware procurement and software development. Their services are very highly rated and they have a long list of clients, both in and out of India. Do keep them on your list.

• Indglobal

This brand is one of the most reputed and fastest growing websites and web application development companies in India. Among all their services, the project provides the best SEO services in Delhi. Apart from SEO, they also provide other IT related services such as website and app development, consultation, social media marketing, e-commerce development, UI development among others. Their wide range of services suits a lot of businesses as they can get all their needs fulfilled at one place only, with quality guaranteed.

• Cyber Worx

This Delhi based IT company is one of India’s leading digital agencies in providing target-driven solutions through an omnichannel. Their team of web developers is highly rated and is known for helping businesses gain some good ROIs. They provide a wide variety of business solutions, including software development, website and app designing, brand identity designing, online reputation management among other services of a similar kind. Their clients range from big private companies to many government departments, which speaks volumes about their quality of services and brand trust among clients.

• Nexevo

This Bangalore based IT company is a digital marketing company which works on extremely modern values. It specializes in SEO and creative website designing and has over 300 up and running websites of different clienteles all over the Internet. Their eCommerce website designs are particularly popular. They provide over 25 online business solution services including responsive website designing, Opencart development, PPC management, Online reputation management, digital marketing among others.

Their portfolio includes quite a lot of clients and services, giving very clear indications that having them at the helm can only help your business grow. The importance and the vitality of web applications and understanding them is the key to realization.

Here we present a list of IT companies which are budding and showing their presence around the world.

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