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Top 5 Digital Marketing Companies in Bangalore

Top 5 Digital Marketing Companies in Bangalore

In this growing competitive environment, it is more critical for companies to stay a step ahead. Every company is thriving to increase their online presence and visibility. Many companies have shifted their focus to grow their digital footprints and online marketing. And in such competition, digital marketing is helping companies getting a peak. These digital agencies help you to mould your efforts in the right direction and give more efficiency to your online marketing campaigns. And with the coming years, it is increasing only.

Bangalore is considered as a hub of technology. It is a home for many IT Companies. It also hosts some of the most prominent digital marketing agencies that cater services to both national and international clients. If you are looking for some best digital agencies in Bangalore, this list might help you a lot. According to B2B online directory IT HUBS, these are the top-5 digital companies you can rely on to handle your marketing campaigns.

Team Pumpkin

It is one of the most privileged companies in Bangalore. With offices in Mumbai and Delhi, it has its main headquarters in Bangalore only. They have nearly 100+ employees working hard to provide you with the best results. They not only have experience working with existing brands. They are welcoming for many upcoming brands like Vision Express, Sporto.
They have a solution to every problem as they are a full-service digital agency. Also, they provide PR services to some specific clients.

DigiMark Agency

DigiMark agency has existed for the last five years but is experienced in working with 40 big marketing projects. They have worked with a variety of domains, like hospitality, film, IT, Education, Real estate, and healthcare. They deliver result-driven campaigns and are famous for their quality services. In such a short period, they have gained a lot of trust and clients. They have services range starting from SEO, SMM, Ads to web hosting, domain registration, and e-commerce solutions.

Geek Creative Agency

With no limitation of services focusing on branding, Geek creative agency has a broad scope of talents. They have professionalism in advertising, interactive experiences, animation, and web analytics, as well. Also, they work across all types of media- print, digital, and broadcast. It helps many b2b and b2c companies to create a buzz around their products by supporting them to establish their brand name. They also work to optimize your online campaigns to drive more audience to your business. Their primary services include web design, product design, branding, advertising, online engagement, and social management.

Alive now

Alive now is an award-winning company established back in 2009 in Bangalore. It listed its name in the 25 hottest start-ups in Businessworld magazine in 2011. It serves many big and national brands as well as medium businesses. Its main client list includes Hyundai, ITC, Hard Rock Cafe, Nandos. Alive now is moving to become a tech innovation rather than just being a digital agency. It has the calibre to work with every sector using its cross-platform and custom-built apps.


With 12 nationwide locations, Adsyndicate is one of the top digital agencies in Bangalore. It has an experience of 25 years, and it is a full-service digital marketing agency. They have a perspective to find a creative and innovative solution to every problem. Their services include Digital Marketing, Films, Events, BTL, Print, and Design Services. They are a team of trained professionals that live and breathe advertising.

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