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Top 5 IT Companies from Netherlands

Top 5 IT Companies from Netherlands

The society that we live in today has been developing since time immemorial. It has seen many rulers, inventors, crusaders, wars, discoveries and much more than what a common man can comprehend. All the rulers and kings used our society for their benefit; the number of rulers who did something for society is very rare. But today we live under such a ruler who has only given and contributed to society and demands nothing in return. His name is Technology and he is one true ruler of the world, working day and night for the benefit of his citizens and providing them an easy and comfortable life. He does not discriminate against anyone no matter your color, caste, age, creed, sex, and location etc.

Today we are going to talk about a country which is located in Western Europe, a flat land country known as the Netherlands. This small country has ranked top in most of the indexes published by UN and World Economic Forum, the Netherlands is considered a happy country and economic progression of this nation is characterized by various industries and sectors. One of these sectors is the Information and Communication Technology (ICT). The Dutch Digital Agenda of the Netherlands provides the perfect environment for the IT industry to prosper and grow with time. The Dutch government’s digitalization campaign focuses on developing and inculcating in them the latest aspects of technology and its benefits. These areas are education and innovation, infrastructure development, securitization, enterprise and digital enablement of the economy.

The top flourishing Dutch IT companies are:

1. TomTom NV: the life of TomTom initiated as Palmtop Software in the year 1991. The first production activity of this company was developing B2B applications. From the 21st century, they moved in creating innovative solutions for car navigation devices and personal navigation devices. Their main customer base consists of the automotive giants and personal devices manufacturing companies. The 2017 revenue of TomTom is 903 million Euros with the employee base of more than 4500. Although they are spread in over 50 countries and have offices in 37 of them, the head office of TomTom is located in the Netherlands. Make sure to note the address: TomTom De Ruijterkade 154 1011 AC Amsterdam the Netherlands. Hallo: +31 (0) 20 7575000. You can also visit their website https://www.tomtom.com to learn more about them.

2. Exact: this software development company provides solutions for accounts maintenance and Enterprise Resource Planning to the small and medium enterprises. They are working to innovate and develop both on-site and cloud-enabled software for these organizations. The current customer base of this organization is around 40000 companies. This 1984 organization’s founder acquired the same company Grote Beer for which he was working as a freelancer before that. Revenge is best served in a cold dish. The revenue generated by this organization in 2016 was 216 million Euros and the current employee base is of more than 1700. The following are the contact details of the organization: Address- Molengraaffsingel 33 2629 JD Delft Netherlands. Hallo- +31 (0) 15 711 51 00. Email: info.nl@exact.com. Check out their website https://www.exact.com to learn more about them.

3. Oce: established in 1877, as a coloring provider for butter and margarine Oce has come a long way to become one of the largest supplier of printing and copying related machines and software. Today they have a presence in over 100 countries and the employee count is 3900. The revenue of this organization for the previous fiscal went to 1.77 billion Euros. The visitor address of this organization is St. Urbanusweg 43 5914 CA Venlo, the Netherlands, and the official postal address is PO Box 101, 5900 MA Venlo the Netherlands. You can contact them on +31 77 359 2222 or send an email at info@oce.com. For further information make sure to click on this link- https://www.oce.com/.

4. Quintiq: this Dutch organization develops software for supply chain management and optimization and also planning for the supply schedule of any business organization. Along with it they also excel in developing demand and supply management solutions and inventory planning. The company has been generating more than 100 million Euros in revenue after 2013 and their employee is also rising from 1000. You can contact them at this address- Dassault Systemes BV, Utopialaan 25, 5232 CD’s Hertogenbosch PO Box 264 the Netherlands. The contact number of Quintiq is +31 (0) 73 691 0739. The web address is http://www.quintiq.com.

5. Unit4: the Unit4 company based in the Netherlands, provides services and develops solutions for enterprises helping them in resource planning and developing software for them related to various functions. The niche of this organization is providing solutions to professional service enables, educational institutions and public services. In the previous fiscal year, they generated revenue of 355 million Euros and the employee count is more than 4100. Say hello on +31 88 247 17 77 or visit their official website https://www.unit4.com/. The official address of this organization is Stationpark 1000 3364 DA Sliedrecht Postbus 102 3360 AC Sliedrecht the Netherlands.

The environment of Holland and its infrastructure is a testament to the fact that 60% of the Forbes 2000 companies list operate here and it has become the ultimate getaway in Europe for ICT industries. It is the most connected and most intensely wired country in the entire world making it the 4th largest exporter of IT services.

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