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Top 5 IT Companies from Poland

Top 5 IT Companies from Poland

After the World War 2, Poland was in a shambles. The whole country was destroyed and everything had to be rebuilt. So the Polish rebuilt their country. Today, Poland is the eighth largest economy in the European Union, and was the only European country which didn’t go into the recession phase in the crisis of 2007-08. Since 1990s, they adopted the liberalization reforms and managed to develop a long list of IT companies. Here we talk about some of Polands leading IT companies, please see below:-
1. Zaven
Address- Kiełczowska 70, 51-354 Wrocław, Poland
Website- https://zaven.co/
Phone- +48602838038
Zaven comes under the B2B IT companies list. Zaven claims to be a process driven the company. It provides mobile app development services to other businesses and helps them target their clients and audience in a more professional way. They provide innovative business solutions to clients, and easily provide a fully functional and dynamic application in a very short time. As of now, the company has 25 employees.

2. Chilid Agency
Address- Królowej Bony 13, 44-100 Gliwice, Poland
Website- https://www.chilid.com/
Phone- +48327390943
Chilid is a software development agency, which keeps the focus on the designing part of the business website and app. It is known for developing great UX, and comes under the garb of top IT companies of Poland. It has more than seven years of experience in its field, and currently has 25 employees which work to make the brand of Chilid bigger and better.

3. RTB House
Address- 61/101 Złota Street, 00-819 Warsaw, Poland
Website- https://www.rtbhouse.com
Phone- +48 22 188 12 71
RTB House was names one along the 1000 fastest growing companies of Europe by Financial Times and Stastia. It has a big B2B directory, which has clients who availed their marketing services. They claim to be precise in what they do, with their systems providing precise advertisement to the target audience, especially to online shoppers. Online retailers and stores can make customized and targeted campaigns to make it big.

4. xsolve – Agile Software Development
Address- ul. Zygmunta Starego 24a, 44-100 Gliwice, Poland
Website- http://www.xsolve.pl/
Phone- +48 327 390 900
The name of xsolve gives away the services it provides to its clients. With a 12-year experience background, xsolve has managed to make the most out of its years in the industry. With over 140 projects, xsolve has captured a large chunk of the market. It provides world-class software development services whilst ensuring transparency of service. As of now, the company has 75 employees working for itself.

5. DocPlanner
Address- Kolejowa 5/7, 01-217 Warszawa, Poland
Website- http://www.docplanner.it/
Phone- Not available
DocPlanner is an app which directly engages with the core customers and provides them with its service, which includes providing them with a list of doctors and helping them choose one which suits their needs. The app helps in scheduling appointments with doctors and keep a track record of everything related to your health. DocPlanner operates in 25 countries, with a head office in Warsaw. Its employee growth is also remarkable, with over 200 people working for it today.

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